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ANDK Socket QFN16 MLF16 customized Burn in IC Test with 0.5mm size 3*3mm SMD test socket

QFN44 MLF44 WLCSP44 Burn in Socket Pin Pitch 0.4mm IC Body Size 6*6mm Clamshell Flash Test Adapter burn-in socket

Free Shipping BGA64 1.0MM Burn in Socket IC size 11*13 mm/BGA64 Test / FBGA64 burning socket

ANDK socket eMMC153 eMMC169 IC Test Socket Body Size 11.5*13mm Pitch 0.5mm BGA153 BGA169 open top SMD Adapter burn in

KZT socket MMC153 169 IC Test Socket Size 11.5*13mm Pitch 0.5mm BGA153 BGA169 open top through hole Adapter burn in

Long TSOP48-0.5 Open Top Structure programming Burn in Socket IC Test Flash Adapter for all TSOP48 package

ANDK socket QFN8 WLCSP Burn in test Open Top IC Test Socket Pitch 0.65mm Chip Size 3x3 for WSON8 DFN8 USON8 MLF8 package

BGA132 BGA152 to DIP48 Adapter IC Test Socket BGA88 BGA136 Burn in Programmer Open Top Structure Seat

TSOP48 Standard Burn in Socket Pitch 0.5mm IC Test Size 12x18.4mm IC354-048-D31/35P Programmer Adapter

KZT QFP176 TQFP176 LQFP176 OTO-176-0.5-06 Burn in test socket pitch 0.5mm open top programming adapter IC

QFN28 MLF28 WLCSP28 Burn in Socket Test Adapter Pin Pitch 0.4mm IC Body Size 4x4mm Clamshell

3225 crystal oscillator test socket 4pins with pin pitch 2.1 x 1.6mm burn in clamshell adapter for 3.2x2.5mm size IC

LGA52 Socket Open Frame Structure IC Test Burn-in Size 14*18mm Programming LGA Adapter

emmc153 customized test adapter IC size 11.5*13 BGA153 burn in socket with clam-shell

eMMC153/169 Reader Test Socket IC Body Size 12x16mm Pitch 0.5mm BGA153 BGA169 Burn in Adapter Flash eMMC

QFN8 MLF8 Burn in Socket Open Top Pogo Pin IC Test Pitch 0.5mm Chip Size 2x3 Flash Adapter Programming

VFBGA107 BGA107 BGA 107 VFBGA NACD FLASH socket Test Socket Pin Pitch 0.8mm IC Body Size 13*10.5 open top burn in

QFN64 MLF64 Burn in Socket IC Test IC550-0644-006-G Pitch 0.5mm Chip Size 9*9 Flash Adapter Clamshell Programming

LGA52 DIP48 Pogo pin IC Test Socket With Board Flash Programmer Adapter Burn in Cleamshell Structure socket

2 pcs / lot ANDK TSOP56 Opentop Programming Socket 0.5 IC Test Flash Burn in Adapter High Quality Eletronic

QFN52 MLF52 NP506-052-065-C-G Burn in Socket IC Test Opentop Chip Size 8*8 Programming Flash Connector Wholesale

QFN40 MLF40 Programming Socket IC Test Pitch 0.4mm Clamshell Chip Size 5*5 Flash Adapter Burn in

QFN36 MLF36 WLCSP36 burn-in Socket Adapter Pin Pitch 0.4mm IC Body Size 5*5mm Test QFN36(5x5)-0.4 programming socket

TSOP54-0.8 Opentop IC Test Socket Burn in Programming Adapter Conversion Block High Quality Eletronic Wholesale

BGA100 Burn in Socket Adapter IC Test For BGA Reading Programmer Programming Open Frame Structure

ANDK Sockete MMC153/169 BGA153 BGA169 Burn in Socket Pin Pitch 0.5mm IC Size12*16mm Clamshell Test socket through hole adapter

QFN8 DFN8 WSON8 Programming Socket Pogo Pin IC Test Adapter QFN8-1.27-CPO1PNL Pitch 1.27mm Clamshell Size 5*6 Burn in

QFN20 MLF20 WLCSP20 Burn in Socket Adapter Pitch 0.4mm IC Body Size 3x3mm IC549-0204-005-G Clamshell Test

BGA series burn in test and programming socket package IC chips by this link can help you find clamshell adapter

BGA132 BGA152 Burn in Socket BGA Adapter IC Test For BGA88 BGA136 Flash Testing Programmer Open Frame Structure

QFN12 MLP12 MLF12 WLCSP12 Burn in Socket Adapter Pitch 0.4mm IC Body Size 2*2mm Clamshell Test


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